How To Knock Down A Woman's "Bitch Shield"

The average guy just starting out into this PUA (Pick Up Artist) world always seems to be overly concerned with the intention of not hurting a woman's feelings. That is the single worst thought you could possibly have, even when you first start out approaching women.

These girls are used to having their asses kissed on a regular basis and you CANNOT be one of these guys who are more concerned with not appearing rude more than they are concerned with creating sexual tension and excitement with her.

Hot women are not all bitches who are just looking to tear apart any guy's self-esteem that comes their way, no matter how many times you've heard guys claim that in the past. These women are just doing what comes naturally to them by giving guys a test that only takes seconds to separate a REAL man from a chump.

And one of those ways these hot girls test you is by making you step up to their "bitch shield" challenge and knocking that shield down. A good way to start breaking her shield down is by making sexual remarks to her almost before any other interaction with her has occurred.

I would much rather have a woman gasp at my direct statements at how much I like her breasts and the reaction that statement makes to her than have that same woman look at me like she is not interested if I open her with a non-direct opener about the weather or something benign like that.


Don't worry about having to say something that direct to a woman on your first initial approaches with women. You can just gradually build up this directness with a woman in a much more slower rate when it comes to bold and more direct lines upon your first approaches as they compare to your approach challenges later when you are much closer to being deemed a "Fearless Seducer".

For the time being, if you are not having any luck getting through a woman's "bitch shield", just remember that it is much better to go in bold than it is being perceived as weak or needy by women who will sense that about you and continue to be even more withdrawn from any comments or remarks you are about to make to them. This would also be a great time for you to bust on the girl's hair or clothes a little bit to help break down this shield, also.

Saying something like, "I know I've seen that hairstyle you're wearing somewhere else. Oh yeah- on the second season of "Friends." It does work for you, though." See how this statement is a slight compliment but at the same time will make the girl re-think her hairstyle?

This is a great way to make the girl come back down to earth and she will be a lot more open to what you have to say to her because she will be amazed at the amount of self-confidence you have around her. Make sure she is at least an 8 or 9 on the hot babe scale or she might just get totally pissed at you and run off.

These types of witty/ballsy statements should be made mainly at nightclubs where the girl is one of the hottest chicks in the place, or it could be made at a restaurant like "Hooters", where the hot waitress is not paying you much attention. Just bust on her about her hairstyle or crappy jewelry she is wearing, and just watch her try to validate herself to you without much effort on your part. It's a beautiful thing to watch!

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