Guide to Swinging in Ireland


With the Ireland swinging continuing to grow by the minute, we at Irish Swingers Meet feel it is extremely important, for our members to have a running start, especially any newbies out there. Many of our members will have a keen idea into the world of Ireland swinging, but we have done our best to provide information to those of you whom are a little more confident with swinging and looking to indulge in further pleasures such as an swingers party.

Here you will gain a great insight into the world of swinging and find out how to create your first profile online, so make it a winning one. As time goes by keep an eye on this page for any new postings which may be of interest. You never know, Irish Swingers Meet could dig up some information to see you on your way to indulging in other forms of swinger fantasies.

All you need to know about swinging and more, select from our main links or from the topics below to start finding building your knowledge of swinging. Have fun reading, but remember the real action is inside.

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Check out some of our Swinging Topics:

  1. Getting to know Swingers and how they think.
  2. Swinger Parties.
  3. Being accepted at a Swingers party.
  4. About Swingers and the Swinging Lifestyle.
  5. Looking to become Swingers and asking yourselves why?
  6. The basics of having safe sex with multiple partners.
  7. Creating a Swingers Dating profile.

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