Sexual Positions

The Kamasutra is one of the oldest treatises on sexual intercourse and sexual positions. Vatsyayana wrote the Kamasutra and some of the sexual positions mentioned in the Kamasutra are world famous when it comes to sexual pleasure. The Kamasutra is categorized into various sexual positions based on the position of the male and female in relevance to each other.

All Kamasutra positions can be divided into 5 major categories:

Sitting Positions

As the name suggests, both the male and female are seated during intercourse. The most popular seating position described in the Kamasutra is The Kshudgaga Position. The Kshudgaga position is a position where the woman sits with her thighs raised and her legs on either side of the man's waist. The Kshudgaga position offers limited penetration but is believed to offer extreme pleasure, and is considered one of the most sensual sitting positions mentioned in the Kamasutra.

Another sitting position that requires considerable dexterity is the Padma position. Instead of wrapping her legs around the male's waist, the woman wraps her ankles around the man's neck and the man braces her thighs for better penetration. The penetration achieved is greater in the Padma position but requires considerably more stamina and energy.

Standing Positions

Standing positions involve one or both partners standing during intercourse. One of the most popular and 'demanding' standing positions in the Kamasutra is the Avalambitaka position. The position requires the man to stand while the woman wraps her legs around the man's waist and the man supports the woman's weight with his hands while the woman wraps her hands around the man's neck for additional support. Due to the demanding nature of the position, the Avalambitaka position is considered extremely strenuous but also extremely sensual and satisfying.

Another sensual position mentioned in the Kamasutra is the Sammukha position. The female stands against a wall and spreads her legs, while the male penetrates her, both are facing each other (hence the name Sammukha meaning facing each other).

Rear entry positions

Although the most popular rear entry position the world over is the 'doggie' position, the Kamasutra has various rear entry positions. The most pleasurable and also exciting rear entry position is the Svanaka position. In the Svanaka position, the male is standing while the female bends over and gives her body support by supporting her body with her palms touching the floor. Since the male penetrates the female from behind, the woman's height and agility play a vital role in this sensual asana.

Other positions in the Kamasutra

Apart from the positions mentioned above, there are various 'woman on top' and 'man on top' positions described in the Kamasutra. One of the most popular is the Vadavaka position where the woman is on top while her back is to the man.

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