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The sex tips Spring is the time when everything renews itself; it's a time of new beginnings, feeling fresh and alive and a great time to make a conscious effort to renew the passion in your relationship.

Relationships go through cycles just as nature does and levels of passion will vacillate. In the early stages of love passion is a blazing inferno that can't be put out and doesn't require any work, but as the relationship progresses, passion will not stay alive without effort. And just as your garden or flower-bed need nurtured with love ,water and sunshine, your relationship needs nurtured as well.

If you want to have an incredible relationship, then you have to make things interesting in the bedroom. The problem is this is hard to do after spending years with a woman.

Any activity that is soul-satisfying is something that nurtures our soul, makes us feel whole, complete, satisfied, euphoric, deeply connected with the universe, God, or whatever your spiritual connections. So, soul-satisfying sex is sex that provides us with these wonderful feelings. Soul-satisfying sex can only occur with people we are connected to emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. This includes our connections to ourselves.

If you are connected to your lover on all these levels then the more satisfying the sex will be. Sure we can have good sex with someone we are only attracted to on a physical level, but that is not fulfilling for us spiritually. It will only satisfy us physically and leave us empty emotionally and spiritually. We usually feel like we are missing something in our life and unfulfilled. The thing we are missing is deep connections to another person and soul satisfaction.

The deeper our connections with the person we are having sex with, the more exciting, satisfying and ecstatic our sex will be. You will experience sex that takes you to a higher level of consciousness and cements you to your lover. Not only will you have a physical orgasm, but you will have a body, mind and spirit orgasm, which is an orgasm like no other. You will experience total euphoria, complete bliss and heights of passion like you never experienced before. Penetration becomes a union of the souls. The ultimate spiritual high is achieved when engaging in soul-satisfying sex.

So, if you choose to engage in sexually activity, it is always important to use some form of protection. The following will outline some of the options available.

1. Communicate Communication with your lover is the most important factor for not only a satisfying sexual relationship but for a relationship in general. If you do not communicate with your partner you can't be satisfied.. Be an Unselfish Lover Be a selfless lover (meaning your goal is your pure desire to give your partner the pleasure they desire.) Don't take each other for granted, which is easy to do if you have been together for a while and will kill your passion.

3. Seek Variety As the saying goes Variety is the spice of Life, and boredom is one of the main causes of unfaithfulness.

4. Be Spontaneous and Adventurous Surprise your lover with something unusual and kinky. Yes Kinky! Be outrageous and adventurous. Show up at their work for lunch naked under your coat and flash them. Send them an invitation to a hotel for a hot night of sex.

5. Be Present in the Here and Now. Fully experience each touch, sensation, smell, movement, sound and taste while you are making love. Don't allow your mind to slip into thoughts about work, children or fixing dinner etc. Stay completely focused on your partner and your experience. Allow yourself to become totally immersed in the pleasurable sensations you are giving and receiving.

6. Know Your Own Body and Desires

Explore your own body and discover what you like and don't like. Find out what arouses you and makes you roar. Make love with yourself. You can really drive your lover wild by allowing them to watch you pleasure yourself.

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