Getting to Know Swingers and How They Think

We live in a society that is very judgmental, with very strict boundaries that can be more or less conservatory and wrong. Any person that doesn't respect the boundaries and tries to be different becomes a target of society's attention. Swingers are people who, because of their beliefs and manifestations, don't fit the regular profile society would want them to.

Many people have a wrong idea about swingers and just cannot understand the swinger lifestyle. Some people even think that the swingers are some kind of cult that does all sorts of rituals, like orgies. Of course this happens all the time when people don't understand someone's behavior and are afraid. They judge and sometimes they do it poorly. While some are so narrow minded that they can't understand a lifestyle different than their own, there are others that don't have anything against swingers, but don't participate in sexual acts that don't correspond to their beliefs. Swingers shouldn't be judged harshly because they make uncommon decisions. They don't do anything wrong and they are not a religious cult which tries to find new people and make them a part of their lifestyle.

Now, more than ever (because we live in a modern world), we should be able to break away from the conservative model of the normal man and understand swingers. The swinger lifestyle isn't very different from any other people's lifestyle. Swingers go to work, have a family, go out and do all the things considered "normal", but from time to time they engage in sexual relationships other than their regular one, meaning they have sex with other persons than the one they are committed to. For this little fact they are considered abnormal, but why is trying to get pleasure and satisfaction out of life abnormal? A lot of people nowadays are frustrated because of their sex life. And this thing doesn't just eat them from the inside, it becomes a problem for the people around that person, his or her whole lifestyle gets messed up. Even specialist say it: "a healthy sex life is very important". This way people can be more relaxed and behave better when interacting with others.

No one likes a grouchy or over the hill nervous person. Through their lifestyle, swingers have found a way to have a pleasing sex life without cheating and making room for jealousy or frustrations that can degenerate. This is why society treat's them differently, because they exchange partners and when one is married it's considered cheating. According to this lifestyle as long as you have the agreement of your partner, it's not cheating. It's called swinging.

Swingers have a lot of advantages because of their lifestyle, but there are also some disadvantages. As you know swingers exchange partners, but not in the purpose of finding another person that he or she feels better with abandoning his or her primary partner. The only purpose is feeling good and getting something that they miss in their everyday sex life. So swingers are not sexually frustrated people. It's only normal to feel better and happier when you have a pleasing sex life. During sexual intercourse, the body creates adrenaline and ephedrine. Adrenaline makes your blood flow faster and increases your cardiac rhythm making you feel stronger and faster. Ephedrine makes you feel happy, relaxed and very light headed. Having these substances in your organism more often results in a change of attitude. This is why you won't see any grouchy swingers. They are always pleased. Of course there are some disadvantages to the swinger lifestyle. One of those disadvantages would be the ignorance of other people. As long as they are not part of this lifestyle and can't understand it, there will always be those quick to judge it. So it's not very easy to go around hearing this and that about swingers.

All swingers are married or at least committed to a relationship. If you are single you can't be considered a swinger, just a bachelor. While one is young and not committed he can exchange partners as much as he likes without being judged. This lifestyle is meant for couples. The average age for swinging is 34-40 years because that's when sex problems start to appear. Most swingers are very healthy people and take good care of their bodies. Around 80% of the swingers are non-smokers. They also take precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. All swingers try to be in great shape and healthy because after all, this lifestyle is like dating. Usually people that enjoy this lifestyle are educated people, with medium or upper income. Also, Swingers don't look to substitute their primary relationship, just enhance its pleasures.

This lifestyle is very exciting and full, so it shouldn't be judged very harshly because it offers almost everything. In comparison to other types of lifestyles, swingers don't harm or bother anyone. So if you feel the need to improve your sex and social life, then the swinger lifestyle might be the best choice for you.

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