How Hot is my Partner in Bed?

How Hot is My Partner in Bed?

Author: Arunraj V.S.

The difference between good sex and great sex is like the difference between riding in a cab and riding in a mercedes. There is a BIG difference. .. But how do you know whether your partner is a dynamo in bed? How do you know whether he or she has it to stir you to peaks of excitement?

Some who said sexy is the way you are was not lying. Just looking sexy does not mean that a person is quite active with her bedroom skills. A person who is intelligent and smart(not the nerdy types) can be hundred thousand times hotter than the one with a fab body!

So, let us analyze and find out if your partner has it in him/ her to make your hormones swing:

The way he/she dresses can reveal to you about her undress code: Not every body is goodloooking, but surely anybody can dress well. No, I am not talking about costly, gaudy outfits. You need not overdress or under-dress! Just dress smart in such a way that it looks 'good' on you. If the person dresses smartly with the right kind of fitting to the body, it can tell about how detailed and meticulous a person is about his/her second skin-the cloth. Pyschologically, a person who takes care to wear the best and smell the best on the outside can be equally careful about wearing smart 'n' sexy inner wear too.

He/she has spice in his conversation- That's right, sexy double meanings, teasing lines and talks about sex can reveal how a person can be in the bed. If he/she is using bad language or dirty language liberally, that means he/she is just a frustrated person or just an airhead. However, you can sense sex oozing out of the pores when he/she uses erotic vocabulary. Words like pleasure, orgasmic, sexy, arousing etc used by the opposite sex can send you vibes about what he/she is capable of.

Sexy education: A person who has a high libido or loves sex in all its natural delights, will love to upgrade himself/herself . No he/she will not be a hardcore porn addict. But he/she will surf the net, read books on erotic topics, erogenous zones, read some erotic stories, read about some erotic positions, upgrade themselves with flirty humous lines etc... basically update his/her sexual database. If your partner is taking the time to read about sex and know about what turns on and repels the opposite sex, he/she must be a real hot explosion in the bed!

They make the decision- A sexy lover is a go-getter. He/she does not wait for things to happen. A person who lies passively in the bed waiting for you to make the move is not exactly the sign of a hot lover. Not just in the bed, but also out of it, the sexy lover will always make suggestion. He/she will decide the menu for a spicy dinner, a movie which can really entertain you or an exotic place where both of you can enjoy to the maximum. He/she gives the assurance that you do not need to hide anything and be open about your desires. He/she will love to reciprocate the favor even after being satisfied sexually. When this happens, you know your decision was a very very good one.

Competitive nature: Observe a smart woman/man who is in charge of things . They just seem to stop at nothing and are undettered by challenges. They want to make sure that every move is perfect and there is no scope for error. No wonder women are attracted to gangsters, sportsmen, famous actors,and professionals because they exude power and love to be competitive. If your man/woman is competitive(not to the point of being so busy that he/she has no time for you!), then you know he or she will be competitive in bed too.

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