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Quiet an extensive code of conduct has developed for 'doggers'. Flicking the interior car light signals the watchers, like old galleons being signaled to come to the shore, when it is safe to do so. You would need to print off a copy of the signals because one wrong hand gesture and you might have a watcher trying to gain rear entry, as the dogging rules have the activity more like swinging alfresco. Again, not necessarily ideal for you're average exhibitionist and defiantly illegal now in the UK under current laws.

What is an exhibitionist to do? There are websites online offering free webcam chatroom facilities. Lesley Grantham, the 'Eastenders' actor, brought such websites into the media spotlight, when he was caught on cam. Despite their sleazy press, webcam chatrooms are great places for exhibitionist and voyeurs to meet up. Just plug in your camera and you're away. Some services do require you to download some free software.

The chatrooms have ridged rules and mediators who host the chatrooms and ensure that the exhibiting exhibitionists are not exploited or heckled into performing. These measures have led to a increased number of couples frequenting the chatrooms.

The advantages of exhibitionists using webcam chatrooms are that voyeurs can look but they can't touch. Because it all happens from the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can show as much or as little of yourself as you feel comfortable with. You don't even have to show your face. Likewise you can control the amount of action that you broadcast, you can turn off your webcam at any point. Best of all it isn't illegal. So you can exercise your exhibitionists kinks without fear of offending anyone or getting entangled with the law.

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